Cleaning,  Operation: Pig Sty

The Pig Sty Method Rotation Chart: Free Printable

I have been receiving requests for the background rotation of the Pig Sty Method, so…. sure, why not?

You can download a PDF here: The Pig Sty Method

But for those who did not become familiar with the method this week, you might need a rundown on the chores and crazy jargon. 😉 So…. here’s your key to successful ‘ciphering.

Make your bed:     That’s easy. If you want to know why that’s important, you can read about that here. I mean…. it’s where the magic happens 😉 and… getting this done first thing puts you in a productive frame of mind.

Ready for Anything:  If you’ve taken care of yourself, you’ll feel better prepared to take care of your house. Plus… no one likes the panic they feel when someone stops by unannounced and you’re still in your nightie with matted bedhead.  😯

One Load of Dishes:   This is a load from start to finish. You gather, wash, dry, and put away. Don’t leave them on the counter drying for days.

One Load of Laundry:   This too, is a load from start to finish. Gather dirty laundry in the morning, wash, dry, and put it away. Don’t let it accumulate in the clean basket.

Trash Dash:     A quick run, as fast as you can, gathering all loose trash and small bin trash, and taking it out to the main bin.

Splash the Thrones:   A quick swipe in the bowl and under the lid.

A Lick and A Promise:  ‘Tis my favorite chore. 🙂 Set a timer for 15 minutes and take care of whatever the most glaring issues are in your house. Just a bit of freestylin’ to accommodate anybody’s needs.

Stall:   This is an area of your home. Your home is divided in 4 stalls, and you give special attention to one per week by adding one small task a day to your routine. By the end of the week, you’ve deep cleaned and you don’t even remember doing it! 😉

High Five:    This started out as 5 minutes dusting the high places in the appropriate stall, but once I bought a feather duster, I realized I could do ALL of my stall dusting in less than five minutes.

Squeaky Clean:   Set a timer for 15 minutes and clean all needy glass surfaces in the appropriate stall. Remember, if you don’t get to everything, it’s not a big deal. You can always pick up where you left off next time around. You want to focus on building sustainable habits. Not burning yourself out and learning to dread tasks!

Scram:    If there is stuff in the stall you are working on that doesn’t belong there, you tell it to “scram”, but when you do, you put it precisely where it is supposed to go. If you have a lot of stuff, set a timer for 15 minutes.

Couch Diving:  Vacuum the crumbs out of your cushions 😉

Grub Hunt:   Grab a rag, and in the appropriate stall, look for dirt and grime in places that often get overlooked. If you don’t think you have any, think window sills, trim edges, blinds, etc. Set a timer for 15 minutes.

Surface Reset and Renew:  This is one of my favorite tasks. Each week we put the “cherry on top” in the stall we just spent the week on. We clear the surfaces, wipe them down, and add something fresh and new to the area. Maybe a new picture frame, or even just changing out a picture. Maybe a new flower arrangement, or some adorable item we picked up at Hobby Lobby. Something that makes us happy and celebrates the work we’ve done in this area. Then, one at a time, we put our things back on the surface until it makes us uncomfortable. That uncomfortable feeling says “uh oh… it’s getting cluttered.” So you put away the extra bits that cause a cluttery look and save them to trade out during a future round in that stall.

Fridge Frenzy:   Just clean out your fridge. Make sure nothin’s growin’ in there.

Top of Fridge:   If yours collects random things, (my hubby loves sticking stuff up there and I don’t know why…..) this is the time to put those things where they actually belong. And then, you can wipe the top down real good.

Appliance Wipe Downs:    Pretty self-explanatory. Just wipe the surfaces of your major kitchen appliances and microwave down.

Cupboard Purge:     Set a timer for 15 minutes and wipe down the interior, purge and organize one cupboard at a time, until it goes off.

Closet Crash:    Set a timer for 15 minutes and devote it to a crumbling closet.

Fresh Linens:  Change and wash the bed linens on all beds. When you put each bed back together, go the extra mile to make it super neat and find a way to make it just a little more special than usual. 🙂 It’s the little things.

Monster Pluck: Cleaning under furniture, organizing any storage you have there.

Deep Shower/Toilet:    Go the extra mile on your toilet, washing the outside and the nooks and crannies. And give special attention to the shower. Just a bit more than you would routinely.

Drawers in Distress:  Set a timer for 15 minutes and organize a drawer that’s gone haywire. If you have extra time, do some more!

Room Rescue:   Set a timer for 15 minutes and devote it to the room that is in the most dire need of attention.

Shower Power: This is your quick weekly shower clean. Most of the time though, I take a rag in the shower with me and clean it while I’m in there. 😉

Match-Maker-  This is sock pairing! I keep socks in a bucket and pair them every Wednesday.

Shelf Salvation: 15 minutes on a timer for you to rescue a needy shelf somewhere in your home.

Anti-Procrastination:   Thursday is anti-procrastination day! This is the one task where timers are not allowed because you need to conquer. Pick something that you’ve been putting off and just do it. Half the battle is just STARTING!

Squatter Squash:     Everything in your home should have it’s own place. If it doesn’t, it means something else is hogging it’s territory. Grab a bag, and as fast as you can, find 5,10, 15 (you pick a number based on how cluttered your house is) things that you can send to Goodwill. When you’ve got them, put the bag in your car immediately.

Paper Clutter: 15 minutes on the timer to deal with paper clutter. 🙂 If you are like me, you have a fear of throwing something important out. Think logically through this…. I mean… I just threw away an x-ray of my teeth from 4 years ago… I don’t know why I even let it take up residence in my house at all…. ever.

And that’s that. If you want to know more about the Pig Sty Method, you can read my post about the general concepts here. Thanks for stopping by!




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