Single Serve Rice Krispie Treats!

Among my husband’s many fine and virtuous qualities is his unbeatable frugality. That is why he handles the money in this house. I have always been good with money, but his financial practices make me look like a spendthrift. He can make a dollar do things you’ve never seen before. If we eat out, even if I try to eat off the dollar menus, I still rack costs up to the average combo prices, regardless of my efforts. Somehow he finds a way to get a full hearty meal for $3 or less. If we have Pizza for dinner, we get it for free AND we are paid to eat it.

He can leave a grocery store with more money than he went in with. NO JOKE. 

It’s happened, I assure you, and in a variety of ways at that! He almost never buys anything unless he has scoped out every applicable coupon, rebate, code, and sale out there and combines every deal they will allow. Paying full price is nearly unheard of.

I am incredibly thankful for this attribute in my husband. I could not imagine being married to a compulsive spender or the stress it could cause in a marriage. How incredibly grateful I am to be married to someone who is financially wise and beyond frugal by all standards of the word.

Because, in all of his thriftiness, he is a forager of clearance bins, racks, and aisles, he often turns up with some interesting goodies, and occasionally his clearance hunts yield food items for which I must find purposes for. Yesterday was one of those days. My husband went into the store for batteries, and came out with batteries and….

      At first I wasn’t sure what he was thinking, but… then he said he got them for $.75 and I understood. 🙂 Wondering what I was going to do with this bag of giant marshmallows, since I am not usually a fan of marshmallows, I turned the bag over to see if there was anything inspiring… and lo and behold, there WAS!
How exciting! A single serving, minimal dish-dirtying, sweet treat!
        We had a lot of fun with this too. Mostly because we were too impatient to let the treat solidify and were watching each other wrestle ooey-gooey, sticky goop from our fingers into our mouths… and getting it everywhere in the process. Oh… and watching that GIANT marshmallow PUFF in the microwave to unparalleled measurements was soooo suspenseful! (Deep inside we were both secretly waiting for the thrill of an explosion!)
This was so quick and easy a child could do it (although… I would keep my eye on any tike caught putting marshmallows in the microwave… I’m sure such amusement MUST mean there is an underlying violent streak in that child… )
1 Jumbo Marshmallow
2 tsp. butter
1/3rd cup of Rice Krispie Cereal
In a microwaveable bowl, place the marshmallow and butter. Heat on high for 25 seconds or until Marshmallow “puffs”. Stir. Add Rice Krispies. Shape and let cool for a snack bar, or…. if you are impatient (like us) eat it warm and gooey from the bowl.
You could do this with any number of cereals, popcorn, etc. I am imagining M&M’s in my next serving… 🙂 YUM! And hubby would probably appreciate peanut butter in his!
What quick snack recipes do you love? What recipes do you use marshmallows in?

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