The Original Pig Sty Method Full Kit

$24.99 $20.00


Housekeeping is a breeze with this flirty, fun deck of cards! This brilliant little system is designed to make the homemaker’s responsibilities work no matter what chaos or obstacles are preventing you from shining in this area. When things get out of hand, it’s gentle consistency brings your home back to sanity. Lay out your pink cards, because you do them daily, and then choose one chore (the most glaring in your home!) in each remaining color! As you go, the system naturally unlocks deeper chores and increases your productivity bunches!

As a bonus, this fun, chore game includes a special deck of “Hubby Lovin'” cards, to help you keep your husband a priority!

This kit includes the full, original set of Pig Sty Method laminated cards, an adorable box to keep them in, and a complimentary timer!


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