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A Fishy & A Missy Feeling Icky…

dead_fish_betaEveryone knows I do not have good luck with fish. My husband bought me a purple beta that we named Glory in the beginning of March. He lasted a week, so we put his warranty to use and got another one. We named him Feral. He also died after a week, but… still within warranty period, so…. we got a third and named him Oliver.

Much to my (and everyone else’s) amazement he’s still alive six weeks later!

It turns out the culprit all along was our city water. Even with conditioning drops it simply wasn’t enough to make it safe for sensitive little fish.


My little buddy Oliver gave me a scare last week though.  He started acting really droopy and lethargic, not responding to much. He wasn’t interested in food and he even started tilting when he rested, the way fish do before they go belly up. I thought for sure he was a goner.  Gearing myself up for what was coming, I told Mark on our way to bed, “Ollie will be dead by morning” and followed the statement with remarks about how it was probably best since we would be moving soon. I wasn’t really sure how I felt about a fish riding in our cup holder for 21hrs. or having to carry him into hotels along the way. :/

Well… I woke up the next morning and the first thing on my mind was the task of sending Oliver through the vortex that leads to fishy resting places. I picked up his bowl to take care of this and was surprised. Oliver was swimming. He was flitting about, obviously not enjoying the ride through the air, so I set him back down. Once he was safely grounded though he quickly resumed his tilted resting position on the bottom of the bowl. Then… I noticed it…

The water was yellow… yellow bordering on brown…. (in my defense, it wasn’t yellow the day before)

After initial reactions to the high level of ‘grossness’ I thought… How long had it been since I changed it?

My conclusion was that it had been about two and a half weeks.


So… I coerced Oliver into a tiny container where he discontentedly swam while I dumped his bowl, scrubbed it for good measure, along with his tree, threw away and replaced his gravel and poured some fresh distilled water in. When I was done, I slipped him back into his humble abode and left him alone.

You know, within two hours that fish had made a complete and total turn around. He went from sluggish and half dead to prancing (in a swimming sort of way) around his dish and gobbling down his food and greeting me with a wagging tail whenever I walked up to him. He went from barely moving a muscle to fins that flapped wildly. He was playful and mischievous…. His color brightened and his long flowing fins fanned out in all their splendor and I thought… wow…. all because of water. All he needed was a little change of element.

All week I have been thinking about that fish and his dramatic turn around over something so simple and I have been wondering if maybe I can experience the same thing. Maybe if I change a few elements going into this body I can feel a dramatic transformation. I just turned 26 the other day and it has become apparent to me that my body just doesn’t function the way it used to. I’m not 16 or 18 with an untouchable metabolism anymore. I’m slowly encroaching upon 30 and in the past year I have begun to really feel the difference.

candy-junk-food-unhealthy-eatingI have spent a lifetime with the most unhealthy eating habits and though it never seemed to bother me before, I think as time ticks on it is catching up with me. Weight appears a lot faster and I feel completely drained of energy 95% of the time. For the past year I have felt a sluggishness like nothing I have ever experienced before and heartburn has become a daily battle.

I’m ready for a change. While I definitely would like to see some weight disappear, this is really about regaining some of the vitality I once had and feeling “good” instead of “ick” all the time. Simply put, I’m ready for a healthier way of doing things.

I started looking into healthier eating habits and lifestyle diets and I was quickly overwhelmed by the magnitude of information and conflicting data. I told some friends about how I went into Wal-Mart to check prices of healthy substitute ingredients and ended up walking out with Oreos after I saw a $10 bag (only 16oz) of almond flour. I mustered courage to step out and try and then all my hopes were dashed when I remembered that healthy is expensive.

My mind wrestled with the complexities of eating healthy all day, still wanting to make a change, but unsure of how to implement it. I wondered how I could apply the concepts in my world, on a limited budget and in a way that wouldn’t get so overwhelming that I would give up? If anyone would have a hard time switching to a healthy lifestyle it would be me…. the girl who drinks soda almost exclusively, and eats chocolate as a staple.

I got home, fed my fish and thought about his transformation again. Something so simple. A water change.

I decided that if I am going to do this, it’s going to have to be one small step at a time. I may not know how to formulate an “E” Lunch and and “S” supper and a “FP” for in between, and I may not know what fruits are off limits, or be able to forgo my potatoes just yet… or stomach any other veggies, or trust completely that Stevia is a safe alternative to sugar but…. I do know one simple first step.


h20-on-go-water-drink-lotsSo… tomorrow I’m going to take my first step toward healthier living. I’m going to shut down the intravenous supply of pop and replace it with water. I’m going to employ this giant H20 jug that Mark bought me several months ago (to encourage water intake of all things…) and make one simple, doable step in the right direction. I would eventually like to try Trim Healthy Mama- it’s on the radar. I plan on implementing more healthy things in the future, but… for now… there’s no need to hyperventilate about portions or ratios or categories… no need to fret over ingredients or substitutes or which brands are safe and which ones are lying to us…. For now… there’s just one easily manageable task.

Drink water.






“What? know ye not that your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost which is in you, which ye have of God, and ye are not your own?  For ye are bought with a price: therefore glorify God in your body, and in your spirit, which are God’s.” – 1 Corinthians 6:19-20

Have you made any healthy decisions lately? Tell us about them!


  • Mom

    Lol, “ick” is an actual fish disease. Stevia is not a safe sugar substitute. I bought a bag, thinking it would be safe for me to use because it said it was safe for diabetics. I tried it twice. Both times I thought I was going to end up in the ER. My sugar went so high that my meter could not read it, which means it was over 560. Then, after it shot up so high, it took a huge and very sudden drop- it went so low that I started blacking out. With the family history of diabetes I would not under any circumstances consider Stevia safe.

    • Mrs. Pruett

      Wow. I had no idea “ick” was a fish disease. Lol. Hopefully it’s not something embarrassing that I will regret on my blog. I had no idea about Stevia doing that- my main concern was an article I read that said they use it in South America as birth control, which could lend to a contributor of infertility. Some have said it is not true, but just the thought is a bit concerning.

  • Hannah R

    Pure stevia doesn’t affect blood sugar. The problem is that most stevia sold in the store isn’t pure. Pure stevia is actually green and costs more than the others because it is pure.
    You should check in to making kombucha as a very healthy pop substitute. It is bubbly and refreshing!
    Hope your also not drinking city water, but the stuff that makes your fish thrive.

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