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5 Tips to Keep the Laundry Caught Up

laundry-basket-webEveryone has felt that crisis moment when they wake up in the morning, open their drawers to pull out some clothes and you realize…. you’re out of something. Or, when you wake up 15 minutes before you have to be somewhere and everything is either dirty, or wrinkled… Laundry can tend to get overwhelming if it’s not managed efficiently. My greatest challenge is not getting it washed and dried, but out of the basket and into the drawers and closets.

Here is a handful of tips to improve your laundry efficiency:

1. One Load A Day Rule:

 A. Put a load in the washer before you go to bed.

 B. Switch the load from washer to dryer when you wake up, or before you head out to work.

C. Fold, hang and put that load away sometime between getting home and going to bed.


2.  Keep Baskets in Every room where dirty laundry is generated. – This keeps dirty clothes from being  thrown on the floor, and saves you the time of treasure hunting and picking it up before washing it.

3.  Use What You Haven’t Put Away First-

Why use a towel that’s been folded when I could save a step, and grab a towel that hasn’t been folded, and preserve work I’ve already done?

4.  Hang items immediately (or at least fairly soon after drying)

If this is possible, it prevents wrinkles which saves you from having to IRON… and we all know how inconvenient that is!

5.  Pre-Sort your clothes, whether by bin or baskets, or instructing people in your home to divide their own as they deliver it to the laundry room, or doing it yourself as you bring in the baskets from other rooms. It helps to have things divided and ready to throw in without fishing through the whole pile for what you need.

What tips do you have for efficient laundry?

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