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    Hand-Washing Dishes

    Shortly after we were married, my husband and I moved into a tiny apartment that came with something I never had the privilege of owning before… It was a dishwasher. Prior to this, the only time I had ever used a dishwasher was when I was thirteen. I was spending the day at my Grandpa’s, and, trying to be helpful, I decided to do his dishes. Since he had a dishwasher, and automatic dishwashing sounded wonderful to me, I looked the beast over, and determined to try it out.  I filled it up, put some dish soap in, hit the start button, and went on my way. When I returned,…

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    The Pig Sty Method Card Kit

    Y’all! My little world has been a bit of a whirlwind the past few weeks. Several years ago, I began developing my own housecleaning system, and I called it the “Pig Sty Method.” If you’ve followed me here and on Facebook, you’ve likely witnessed the evolution of it. As an undomesticated housewife, cleaning and cooking and taking care of a husband just do not come naturally to me. So I wanted to create a system that helped me become that wife. It also had to be something that was fluid enough that it adapted to whatever obstacles were inhibiting my success… like nursing an infant, or a giant move, or…

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    Better than Cracker Barrel Apple Cider BBQ Chicken

    So…. all good things come to end, right? NOT THIS ONE Y’ALL! My husband and I were at Cracker Barrel a couple weeks ago and we discovered…. TO MY HORROR… that they had discontinued their Apple Cider BBQ Chicken! SAY WHAT?! Well… when a restaurant discontinues my favorites I do not rest until I have figured out how to make something equally delicious at home. So that’s what we did. After tweaking and mashing a few recipes together, this is what I came up with. BETTER than Cracker Barrel Apple Cider BBQ Chicken.

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    Pride: The Stealthiest Sin

    I’ve been thinking a lot about Jeremiah chapter 28 lately. That may seem like an odd chapter to captivate one’s attention, but I will tell you what snagged my interest. The false prophet. It’s always the false prophet. Always. The false prophet always gets my attention. Why? Because “false prophet” (and similar) is one of those railing accusations that demons can scream into a wild mind battle every time I step out to do anything for God. Whether it’s praying for someone, or God moving through you, or discerning something, or writing something and sharing it, or testifying in church…. I can almost count on a cacophony of condemnation to…

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    It Doesn’t End Here

    I keep thinking of his beautiful silver hair. Baby soft, pure silver strands. How many times did I hesitate to reach my hand forward and brush them from his face? How many times did I pause, wondering if a man of strength and heroic nature like my Dad, would be offended if I ran my fingers through his hair to comfort him? But each time I did, he never seemed to mind. He seemed glad for it. And once I touched his hair, I always hesitated to stop. Dad’s silver hair was beautiful. I often thought of it as his crown of honor on this earth and I hoped one…

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    Dear Asa

    Today, I find myself wondering about who you are and what you will become. There is so much to learn and know about you. While we wait and prepare for your arrival, we eagerly gobble up every bit of information about you that we can.  We cling to little tidbits, like how fast your heart beats… and how much you move in Mama’s belly. We were on pins and needles for weeks while we waited to learn you were a second little boy, and from there, all of our wonder turned to what your name would be. Mama and Daddy decided to split the fun of choosing a name. We…

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    God, I Might be a Control Freak

    I’ve never considered myself a “control freak.” I mean, the idea of change propels me into full-blown panic, complete with suffocating throat constriction, vomit-inducing knots, and heart palpitations that are convincingly heart-attack-ish…. And I will analyze a situation like Einstein analyzed relativity. It will keep me up at night. It will haunt my imaginations. It will loom over my mind for every moment of every hour… It will fill every shred of scrap paper within arm’s reach with scribbles depicting the pros and cons. I will live and breathe the fears and consequences, the potential outcomes, the wins and losses and the conundrums of every direction. I will be consumed.…

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    The Unexpected Knock

    There must be some law…. Some strange force of the universe…. One where, if someone shows up on my doorstep, my house will, without a doubt, be the WORST it has ever been…. Ever. Seriously. Like… forget the 30 other days of the month that the house is neat and kept and you have got your junk together. No. If someone knocks on my door…. It would be the day that I cleaned out the car and had all the contents in the kitchen to sort. It would be the day when the dishwasher was broken and I pulled all the dirty dishes out so I could take a look…

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    The Man I Want My Son to Become

    As I stood at the counter, folding a batch of your laundry, I held up a pair of your jeans and stared at them. When did you get so tall? I held out a leg and thought, I could have fit two of you in one of these. I looked over at you, spinning your Daddy’s office chair around in circles. Suddenly you know how to do and say so many new things. Two days ago you took your first steps. You’re growing up fast. I realize, more and more each day, that it’s no longer simply about nurturing and providing basic needs. A little person is emerging… a personality……

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    It Doesn’t Happen in a Day

    I sat down on our new couch today and looked around our freshly painted living room. It looks magnificent. But…. the walls are still bare. I gazed longingly at the windows, dreaming of curtains to hang from them because there are none. There is nothing on the floor, no rug, no accent furniture, no pictures. Just a couch and a love seat, and a new privacy film on the front door. Three things out of the million that I’d like to see done in here. I want to retire the plastic party foldout and serve dinner around a grand farmhouse table. I want to strip the floors and stain them dark brown and build…